Concert Festival 

We are pleased to announce that this year’s Concert Festival will be held at (To Be Announced) on Saturday, April 25. 2020. The school is located conveniently about 30 minutes north of Knoxville on Hwy 33. (Take the Broadway exit north off I-640. Maynardville is about 15 minutes north of Halls.) There is ample parking and seating and concessions will be provided all day long. 

The festival is open to all bands: high school, middle school and junior high, as well as instrumental groups such as woodwind, brass, string, jazz or percussion ensembles. Groups will perform ranked by size within the styles and grades of music. In order to accommodate individual scheduling needs, we will be scheduling two separate blocks, morning and afternoon. Each block will be order Grade 1 through 5-6 with a break between them. You may request the block that is most convenient for your needs. We will try to meet your needs; however, morning times are limited. If you can play in the afternoon, please do so.

Choice of music is at the discretion of the director. A warm-up piece is optional. No sight reading is involved. You should bring with you three(3) original conductor’s scores of your music with numbered measures. Non-original scores or lack of proper documentation for copied scores will result in the group being allowed to perform without rating. Under these circumstances, judges may comment on the performance if they choose.

The cost of the festival is $100.00.

Groups will be awarded a Division I, II, or III rating and awards will be presented accordingly.

The judges for 2020 are Sean Green, TBA and TBA.

Final postmark deadline for entry is Wednesday, April 8, 2020, which is approximately two weeks before the event. 

  • Festival Letter and Application Docx  PDF

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