Junior Clinic

This year's Junior Clinic is tentatively set at Morristown East High  January 21-22, 2022.  The fee is $25 per student and will include lunch on Friday and Saturday.  Fees must be paid in one check, and are due Friday January 7, 2022. (Note that if this date falls in the winter holiday period, and you should make appropriate arrangements to submit it by the deadline). Please send one check made out to TSSBDA  .   Please list students in score order.  Please screen your students before submitting entry.  Eligible students are 6th - 9th grades - 9th graders can participate in either junior or senior clinic, but not both.

Clinicians for this year’s clinic are:

Blue Band - Mark Bowling

Red Band -Danny Stone


Requirements for Junior clinic auditions are:  Winds: 2 scales chosen from Concert F, Bb, Eb, Ab, C, (15 pts. each); Chromatic scale (20 pts.); and sight-reading (50 pts.)


Percussion:  Mallets:  2 scales chosen from Concert F, Bb, Eb, Ab, C,  (up and down, any rhythm, more points for more than 1 octave, 20 pts. each); Chromatic scale,  (up and down full range of instrument, any rhythm, 10 pts.);  and sight reading (50 pts.).  Snare:  2 rudiments chosen from single paradiddle, flam, flam tap, drag, single drag tap, (Open to closed to open, 15 pts. each);   Buzz roll (closed roll), soft to loud to soft (20 pts); and sight-reading (50 pts).

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